Believe in Fit

Handcrafted Comfort

In today’s world we often walk and stand on hard surfaces that put extra strain on the foot and the body which causes aches and pains.

Burch’s Shoe Store offers comfortable solutions with insoles options by Superfeet or Spenco or they will fit you for a Custom Orthotic.

Burch’s Custom Orthotics are designed to support the foot, and are the ideal custom support for individual issues such as flat feet, pronation and supination, neuroma and plantar fasciitis.  Burch’s orthotics offer custom support made just for YOUR foot with cushion and shock absorption,  proper alignment for feet, ankles, knees and hips in addition to added stability and balance.  Come in today for a short consultation to see if our insoles or a custom orthotics will help you move more comfortably.  Believe in Fit!

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