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BurchsShoes.com Returns

Thank you for purchasing from BurchsShoes.com! BurchsShoes.com is the website for Burch's Shoes. Burch's Shoes is a family owned business with 2 physical locations in Eugene, Oregon. Click Here to learn more about our store locations.

If you are looking to return a purchase made through BurchsShoes.com, please follow the instructions below. More information regarding our return policies can be found here

Included with your package was a packing slip. Please use your packing slip to locate your order number. You will need your order number to look up your purchase on the following page. For a diagram to locate your order number please use the image below.

Once you’ve located the Order # (B-XXXX), you will need to include the dash when typing in your order number. The number should read the letter B, the dash, then 4 digits. Please click here.