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Shoe Repair

Bring your favorite shoes and leather goods to Burch’s Shoe Repair.

You will find quality repair from people who truly know, understand and care about your leather goods. You will receive fast turnaround, FREE delivery and old school knowledgeable craftsmanship. Conveniently located in Burch’s Outlet location at 1 Club Road, Eugene, OR 97401, we are open Monday-Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-6, and Sunday 12-5. For more information call 541.683.4115 or email us at shoerepair@burchsshoes.com

  • Fast turnaround
  • We work on all types of footwear
  • New Heels and Soles
  • Birkenstock resoling and recrafting
  • Dog chews repair
  • Velcro and Elastic replacement
  • Zipper repair
  • Shoe stretching
  • Purse and Handbag repair
  • Belts
  • Shoe lifts and orthopedic modifications

Located at Burch's Outlet

Service Price
Basic Repair (glue, stitching) $10-$25
Velcro/Elastic – Replace One Strap $15
Velcro/Elastic – Replace Two Straps $25
Strap Repair (shorten, lengthen) One Strap $15
Strap Repair (shorten, lengthen) Two Straps $25
Zipper Repair $15 ea.
Zipper Replace $3.50/in.
Lining Patch $15
Dye $30-40
Footbed Lining $15/pr.
Polish/Clean $10/pr.
Service Price
Heels Dress Spike Women’s $17
Heels Casual / Dress $25
Heels Work / Hiker / Western Boot $35
Heel Base Repair $10-$20
Half Soles (Forefoot)
Service Price
Half Sole Rubber Casual / Dress $35
Half Sole Work / Hiker $45
Half Sole Leather $55
Dancing Suede $25
Full Soles
Service Price
Full Sole Casual / Athletic $45-$60
Full Sole Work / Hiker $65
Full Sole Pre-Cut $60-$75
Service Price
Birk Resole $45
Birk Recraft $85-$95
Cork Repair $60-$75
Luggage / Handbags / Clothing
Service Price
Zipper Repair $15 ea.
Zipper Replace $3.50/in.
Strap Repair (shorten, lengthen) One Strap $15
Strap Repair (shorten, lengthen) Two Straps $25
New Strap $25